"All writings are in both English and Bahasa Melayu, firstly written in English and then, followed in Bahasa Melayu. (Coretan adalah menggunakan kedua-dua Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Melayu, ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan diikuti dalam Bahasa Melayu.)"

Who am I?

An economist by profession, a lay person in life, married to the lady of my life, and a father to two great sons. That's may be an answer, but surely neither the whole answer nor truly the answer. Name and appearance, both niether describes a person. Rather, what is in ones sole and heart is. That's what defines oneself.

Characters reveal everythings, for these are truly reflections of who the person is. Characters change over time though. Life is a abundant with happiness and sadness, achievements and setbacks, being oneself and accomodating otherselves. They shape and change ones characters. Sole and heart mature with them over this aging life. New characters emerge, a new person is reborn. Today, I am no longer the same person of yesterday. I see the world differently every each day, I change my view every day, and I behave differently everyday. I used to live by book, now I adapt to sense.

A (bad) friend to a few, a (good) friend to some. A difficult person to understand to many, an easy person to be with for others. The former is probably accurate, the latter is probably correct. I talk too much at times, I stay silence at other times. I say one thing one day, I say the opposite thing the very next day. I may concur with your view today, I will surely disagree with you tomorrow. I mix with others at certain times, I rather be alone at times.

I am a different kind of friend to you today than yesterday's, and I am not so sure what kind of friend I would be to you tomorrow.

To my dear friends, welcome to my page, "the" Lebai Gōōgle's page...

"Lebai" itu aku curi dari ayahku,
"Google" itu aku si pencari ilmu,
"ōō" itu sinar mentari mataku,
Aku yang bernama Lebai Gōōgle